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Global Positioning Systems: Recalculating …

Tony Roth |
Investment Management

Our 2018 forecast for markets, economies, and portfolios.

The U.S. economy — late-cycle emergence
Inflation and growth — global-U.S. divergence
Valuations, yields, and volatility — alternative resurgence

Signs points to the U.S. economy being near or in a late (or pre-recession) stage, yet stock market valuations are elevated and inflation is inexplicably soft. Our investment team shares its outlook for the U.S.


Understanding Investment Risk Through Drawdown Analysis

Shubhro Banerjee |
Investment Management

This investment insight for the high-net-worth investor explores a more refined method of managing and mitigating loss.What is drawdown and why is it a better approach to managing and mitigating loss?How does drawdown-based asset allocation work?What are the ways to implement the drawdown framework? Risk is a central theme in the investment world, a counterweight to investor’s desire for return.