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Video: Succession Planning for Closely Held Businesses

Brian Oard |
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Wilmington Trust’s Alvina Lo and Brian Oard check in with Keith Schiller, founder and owner of the Schiller Law Group, at the 2018 Hawaii Tax Institute Conference to find out what obstacles clients face when implementing a succession plan for a closely held business.Please see important disclosures at the end of the video.For more insights on the latest tax and wealth transfer developments, watch more video highlights from our conversations at the Hawaii Tax Institute Conference.

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I Want It Now: What Does The ‘Digital Generation’ Expect From Businesses?

Adam M. Bakhash |
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Millennials NC.jpg

As the nation’s largest age group in the workforce, learn how millenials are changing the consumer experience.Millennials are often called “convenience customers” and have high expectations for qualities like convenience and enhanced communication.Businesses are approaching this segment of the population in new ways with their sales, marketing, and advertising efforts.