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Preserving and Protecting Business Capital

Fred Hopkins |
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Learn about the benefits of a buy sell agreement.

A buy sell agreement is an invaluable tool to help preserve a business’ long-term viability.
It helps to ensure that each departing owner receives a fair price for his interest, and establishes a funding source for the purchase of each departing owner’s interest.
The agreement should be treated as a “living document” that will evolve as a business moves through its life cycle, and the owners’ personal circumstances change.


Holistic Succession Planning for Family Business Owners

Donald P. DiCarlo Jr. |
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Learn about succession planning strategies business owners.  Lack of proper succession planning is a surefire way to lose the family business you’ve worked so hard to create.You can implement a number of business transition strategies to help you maximize your legacy’s ultimate value.As your family and business change, so should your plans for their futures.


Is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) Right for You?

Marguerite Weese |
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There are many ways to structure your company, and an LLC may offer the features and benefits you need.An LLC is a legal entity regulated by law, and must be registered with the Department of State in which it’s established.Instead of owning stock, each member owns an interest in the LLC, much like a partnership.LLCs offer flexibility in the structure of the company’s members, potential tax advantages, and the ability to minimize the personal risk and liability of the company’s owners.