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Tax-Smart Alternatives to the ‘Stretch IRA’ strategy

Cailin MacLean |
Emerald GEMs

July 27, 2021—The SECURE Act, which went into effect in 2020, severely curtailed the “stretch IRA” as an estate planning strategy. Previously, a beneficiary could extend IRA distributions over his or her lifetime. Now, an heir must withdraw all assets within 10 years of inheriting the account, which can present major tax consequences.


Loan Data and Reporting: Keeping the Focus on People

Corporate & Institutional

New transaction structures and increasing complexity have continued to proliferate in the loan markets for some time. As a result, data and reporting needs have also become more involved, especially over the past three years. Increased investor demand for data and reports, as well as higher scrutiny from regulators are also playing a part in changing the needs of loan market participants.