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Episode 1: Powers of Attorney and Health Care Proxies

Marguerite Weese |
Emerald GEMs
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May 5—In this time of uncertainty, many are anxious about what they need to do to ensure their affairs are in order. What do I do if I get sick or I’m quarantined? Who will handle my affairs? How do I even get these documents signed? National Director of Family Legacy Planning, Marguerite Weese, provides some valuable guidance as you consider the importance of keeping your key documents up to date, particularly during these turbulent times.


How to Maintain a Strong Footing in a Shifting Market

Will Marder |
Corporate & Institutional
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A lot of capital continues to come into the U.S. market, with a huge focus on energy and infrastructure assets.We are also seeing U.S. developers and finance companies looking across the border into Canada, and Latin America in the hunt for yield.It certainly seems that from both a lender and institutional investor perspective, there are more new names coming in than are going out. The space is demonstrably growing.


4 Health Care Subsectors to Watch

Wilmington Trust |
Investment Management
Health Care Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic may make the health care sector less resilient than it normally would be in a downturn.Historically, the health care sector has outperformed other sectors during down markets. This time may prove different because COVID-19 is giving rise to both humanitarian and economic impacts. Hospitals and health systems have reconfigured themselves to deal with the immediate health crisis.