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Becoming a Philanthropist: It’s More than Just Writing Checks

Wealth Planning

Just as an individual goes through life cycles, so does a charity. From the start-up phase to adopting a strategic vision to looking at ways to grow the charity, there are many steps to consider at each important phase of the charity’s lifetime.Start-upA first critical phase in the life cycle of a charitable organization is the start-up period. Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects of establishing a new charity.


Planning is Vital for Family Business Owners

Marguerite C. Weese |
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You’ve worked long hours—month after month, year after year— to establish and grow your own family business. In fact, perhaps you’ve worked so hard that you haven’t had much time to plan either for the business’s future, or your own.But the good news is that proper estate planning can help ensure that your business is preserved for future generations and that you and your spouse live comfortably after you retire.