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Our S&P 500 Estimates and the Central Bank Premium

Wilmington Wire

August 12, 2016—In the soon-to-be-released August version of the Capital Perspectives presentation, we have redesigned the way our S&P 500 price target is determined to account for the extremely low interest rate environment inspired by central banks. Through this, we have a visual representation of how the financial markets are being influenced by the broad-based efforts of central banks globally.


Risky Business: Protect Your Company Against Threats

My Business

Thinking about risk before it happens is key for business owners.

The newest threat to businesses of all sizes is cybercrime.
Other risks to consider are asset concentration, fiduciary risk, and risks unique to the nature of your specific business.
Planning ahead is critical to mitigate many different kinds of risk and protect your business from losses.

Entrepreneurs are risk takers by nature, leveraging their insight, hard work, and capital to create successful companies.


July Job Growth Was Strong, but Unlikely to Continue

Luke Tilley |
Wilmington Wire

August 5, 2016—Total nonfarm job growth in July came in at 255,000, well above the Bloomberg consensus and beating even the greatest of expectations. In addition, upward revisions to May and June brought those months up by a combined 18,000. Although the strong growth is quite welcome, we don’t expect the robust figures to continue because of the tightness in the labor market, as we have been noting for quite some time. The unemployment rate was unchanged at 4.9%.