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Strategies for Real Estate Developers

Donald P. DiCarlo Jr. |
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Your business requires unique estate planning considerations.  As a real estate developer, you may be in a favorable income tax position.Strategies that reduce death-related taxes and estate administration costs are important to explore.Planning for the ultimate continuation or sale of your business is equally important.As a real estate developer, you may be in a favorable income tax position because of the nature of your business and the assets you employ in that business.


Delaware Trust Advantages for Business Owners

Jeffrey C. Wolken |
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Control, protection, and privacy are key benefits of a Delaware Trust.

The state of Delaware has long been one of the most favorable places to establish a business.
Delaware is also an excellent place to create a personal trust for estate planning or asset protection purposes.
A Delaware trust offers many of the advantages of other trust-friendly states, along with unique elements that make it a preeminent jurisdiction.


Don’t Leave the Fate of your Family Business to Chance

Wilmington Trust |
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Create a family business succession plan that works for you.

Every business needs both a short- and long-term plan in place for unexpected and planned events.
Ideally, succession planning should begin the day you take over a business.
Those parents that are most successful at passing the torch are the ones that have created a culture in which transition is welcomed and encouraged.