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Holistic Succession Planning for Family Business Owners

Donald P. DiCarlo |
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Learn about succession planning strategies business owners.  Lack of proper succession planning is a surefire way to lose the family business you’ve worked so hard to create.You can implement a number of business transition strategies to help you maximize your legacy’s ultimate value.As your family and business change, so should your plans for their futures.


Do You Need a Corporate Executor?

Wealth Planning

Selecting family members to manage your estate could possibly do your loved ones more harm than good.The duties of an executor can be complex, time consuming, and potentially risky for an individual.A corporate executor can provide a level of expertise that will make the estate settlement a smooth process for all concerned.Beneficiaries will be assured that your corporate executor will act fairly and impartially when confronted by other family members and others seeking special treatment.


What is a Trust?

Wealth Planning

A trust can be a beneficial part of your estate plan for transferring assets and minimizing taxes.Many people ask: What is a trust? A trust is a flexible and advantageous way for a person to leave his or her assets to future generations and simultaneously reap certain present benefits.The specific type of trust you may wish to use will depend on a host of specific circumstances.Types include living trusts and testamentary trusts, and revocable and irrevocable trusts.