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Behavioral Finance and Plan Design: Four Ways to Boost Participation

Corporate & Institutional

Though many employees are aware that behaviors such as enrolling in and contributing sufficiently to their company 401(k) can help them prepare for a successful retirement, too often they fail to develop the necessary saving and investing habits. One reason for this may be an outsized influence of emotion, biases and faulty heuristics on financial planning at the expense of more rational decision making.


July 2022 Monthly Tip – Seven Tips to Achieve Financial Independence After Divorce

Sharon L. Klein |
Divorce Monthly Tips

Our Monthly Tip, as featured in Family Lawyer Magazine:Leverage July’s independence theme to seize your financial independence after divorce! Aside from being a huge life change, divorce can be an overwhelming and difficult undertaking from a planning and financial standpoint. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to make the process less daunting.1.