Capital Perspectives September 2022

Tony Roth |
Investment Management
Capital Perspectives

A defining characteristic of the investment environment this year has been an oscillating market driven by a rapidly changing set of facts and overall investment narrative. We started the year with optimism that we would move beyond COVID-19 and enter a period of slower but more normalized growth. However, investor sentiment plummeted following an inflationary perfect storm.


Why Consider Living in Florida?

Wealth Planning

While Florida is commonly known for its year-round sunshine and beautiful sandy beaches, it’s also home to many tax and financial advantages as well. Generally considered a low-tax state, Florida residents likely enjoy reduced tax obligations compared to those of many other states. Florida does not impose a personal income tax, an inheritance tax, a gift tax, or an intangible personal property tax.


August 2022 Monthly Tip: 5 Tips to Offer Divorced Parents Before Their Kids Enter College

Jerry Inglet, Ed.D, CFT-I™ |
Divorce Monthly Tips

Our Monthly Tip, as featured in Family Lawyer Magazine:Starting college is an exciting time for parents and children alike, but there are many details to consider – especially for children of divorce.When entering college as a freshman, the logistics and corresponding emotions attached to decisions can be overwhelming—not only for the student but the family at large.