Capital Perspectives May 2018

Tony Roth |
Investment Management

In the May issue of our monthly flagship publication, we feature: On the Record by Chief Investment Officer Tony Roth, Mind the cracks. In Focus provides a look at the projected evolution and investment potential of the technology sector. Investment positioning and asset class positioning updates. Economic stumbles have been in some of the highest-level macro data,


Municipal Fixed Income Quarterly Market Commentary 1Q 2018

Stephen Winterstein |
Investment Management

In the 1Q 2018 issue of our quarterly publication, we: Explore how variable rate demand notes (VRDNs)—a type of municipal bond—may have the potential to perk up a bland fixed income diet and are an important part of a well-balanced portfolio. Look back on municipal bond market performance and supply/demand in 1Q. Provide a round-up


Have You Created a Transition Plan for Your Business

Fred Hopkins |
My Business

Busting the four myths of business transition planning Key points Planning for business transition doesn’t mean giving up control of your company. Transition planning isn’t a distraction, it’s another component of protecting and strengthening the legacy you’ve built. As a business owner, you owe it to yourself, your family, employees, and customers to plan ahead.