Five Biggest Mistakes in Choosing Your Qualified Intermediary

David M. Gorenberg, CES® |
Corporate & Institutional
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There are several considerations when choosing a qualified intermediary for your 1031 Like-Kind Exchange.The regulations governing 1031 exchanges clearly articulate who cannot be your qualified intermediary.Knowing what not to do can assist you in finding the right qualified intermediary for your transaction.The role of a qualified intermediary (QI) is integral to a 1031 Like-Kind Exchange to manage the financial, administrative, and sophisticated reporting requirements.


Tips to Optimize Your Tax and Financial Planning Before Year End

Matthew J. Mancini |
Wealth Planning
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As the calendar year comes to an end, it’s important to review your financial situation to be certain you’ve taken advantage of any year-end planning opportunities. While planning is certainly not just a once-a-year endeavor, there are certain strategies that you may wish to consider to help optimize your tax and financial planning before ringing in the New Year.With so many demands on our time at year end, we offer the following tax and financial planning tips.


Year-End 2019: Top 5 Estate and Tax Planning Strategies

Matthew T. Lee |
Wealth Planning

As we come to the end of 2019, it is once again time to consider what, if any, tax planning should be considered before year end and what the next steps will be to implement these strategies.  While tax planning is important to consider throughout the year, a little extra time spent before December 31 can help optimize your tax positioning now and in the years ahead.