Navigating the Wealth Transfer Landscape

Wealth Planning
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Read our research report on inheritance planning and communication.How do you prepare your children for their inheritance without demotivating them?What is the sense of stewardship responsibility among inheritors?Are you communicating with your family or advisor about the impact of wealth on relationships?Many families struggle with inheritance communications and planning, but if done carefully, can set a new generation up to be responsible stewards of both wealth and legacy.


Turn your Passion into Payday

Investment Management

Collecting can be more than a hobby if you manage your collection like an investment.If you have a substantial collection now, or expect to build one in the future, it’s important to consider the financial side of your avocation.As your collection grows, so does its importance in your overall financial plan.Considering the financial implications shouldn’t reduce your pleasure, but rather ensure that you build something lasting, valuable, and worthwhile out of your passion.


Manage Your Investments as You do Your Business

My Business

Managing concentration, tax, market, and longevity risk is the key to financial security.Each stage of your business brings distinct financial risks.Examine your financial life—particularly your investments—from a new perspective to ensure the next stage is as rewarding as the last.Before passing control of your business to the next generation, be sure to lay the groundwork for your own financial security.