Managing Emotions During Financial Uncertainty

Jerry Inglet, Ed.D, CFT-I™ |
Emerald GEMs

August 9, 2022—During times of financial uncertainty, some people may allow emotions, rather than logic and reason, to drive their business decisions. But emotional decision-making, mired in personal bias, can derail even the best-laid plans. It is usually best to keep emotions in check when faced with high stakes financial choices.


Keeping Up with the Joneses – Why Standards Matter when Selling a Business

Stuart A. Smith, III |
My Business
houses, selling a business

It’s an expression used throughout much of the English-speaking world to describe the tendency for people to compare themselves, their wealth, and their social statuses with their neighbors, friends, and colleagues. The roots of the saying may go back to the excesses of the Gilded Age as chronicled by the famed writer, Edith Wharton.  Wharton knew what she was talking about.