Planning for Fine Art as an Asset of Your Estate

Shelly J. Kunkel |
Emerald GEMs

Sept. 7, 2021—Whether you acquire a work of art for its aesthetic qualities or for investment purposes, holding fine art in your estate presents both obligations and opportunities for the educated collector. In today’s podcast, Senior Estate and Trust Managing Director Shelly Kunkel discusses three important to-dos regarding your fine art: appraise, insure, and manage disposition (AIM).


Building a Family Collection

Wealth Planning

Collecting is often viewed as a personal passion but it can be much more than that. Whether your collection has monetary or simply sentimental value, collecting as a family—when approached thoughtfully—can help enhance communication, teach valuable skills, and create stronger bonds.The secret is in building the “family collection” first. That is, make sure your first priority is to build communication and strong relationships within your family.