Infrastructure Opportunities in Project Finance

Will Marder |
Corporate & Institutional
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Tech advancements are transforming infrastructure opportunities in project finance.Funding for infrastructure assets has shifted with less coming from commercial banks and more capital coming institutional investors.Technology is impacting infrastructure with the telecom industry moving from 4g to 5g, causing a larger demand for location-specific data centers.An abundance of capital allows independent third-party trustees the opportunity to partner with many sources.


Choosing the Right Corporate Trustee

Corporate & Institutional

What attributes are most important for a trustee in today’s complex capital markets?

In today’s environment marked by greater scrutiny and the need for quick, accurate, and transparent execution, selecting the right trustee is critical.
Choosing a trustee requires considerable thought and a clearly defined understanding of your organization’s objectives for a given transaction.

Today’s capital markets are more complex and interconnected than ever before.


Keys to Finding a Long-term Indenture Trustee

The Wilmington Trust Equipment Finance Team |
Corporate & Institutional

With ongoing consolidation in the financial services industry, finding an indenture trustee that can meet your changing needs is essential.

In order to avoid M&A-related disruptions, issuers and their advisors should investigate whether a corporate trust department or its parent company is likely to be acquired by another financial services institution.