Three Ways to Help Prevent Executive and Vendor Impersonation

Corporate & Institutional

Federal Authorities Issue Warnings on New Forms of Fraud, Executive & Vendor ImpersonationOne of the newest forms of fraud threatening corporations of all sizes is known as “Executive Impersonation.” This type of scheme involves an individual hacking email accounts of senior level employees and posing as them, often the CEO or CFO.


Avoid Becoming a Victim of Ransomware Attacks

Corporate & Institutional Cybersecurity

Ransomware has become one of the top threats to data stored on company networks and personal computers. For those still unfamiliar with ransomware, it is a type of malicious software (also known as malware) that, when downloaded to a computer, encrypts files so they can no longer be accessed— or it locks down the operating system entirely so the user can no longer access anything.


Risky Business: Protect Your Company Against Threats

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Entrepreneurs are risk takers by nature, leveraging their insight, hard work, and capital to create successful companies. But when the company you own is your main source of financial security, you need to protect it from unforeseen risks—like natural disaster, legal liability, and crime.Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs who become business owners don’t think about specific kinds of risk until they’ve experienced a threat firsthand.