Post-Pandemic: Your Divorce and Your Financial Future

William T. Bennett, CFA and Christy L. Watkins, CFA |
Wealth Planning
Great concept of divorce in quarantine due to the 2019 coronavirus pandemic. Face mask cut in half with wedding rings.

The long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are numerous and far-reaching. It will likely take time to fully comprehend how much everyday life has changed since March 2020. From doorstep grocery delivery to virtual meetings, there are positive and negative aspects to which individuals are still adjusting. After living in close quarters through quarantine, it may come as no surprise that many marital partners are considering divorce.


Financial Information Family Lawyers Need to Negotiate the Best Deal for Their Clients

Christy L. Watkins, CFA |
Wealth Planning

In this podcast with Family Lawyer Magazine, Senior Investment Advisor Christy Watkins discusses the types of financial information family lawyers need in order to negotiate a strong deal for their clients.Listen now >Please visit our visit our Matrimonial and Divorce Advisory Solutions resource page for more timely divorce planning content.Please see important disclosures at the end of the video.


Video: The Best Advice I Ever Gave

Sharon L. Klein |
Wealth Planning
woman looking out of window

This roundtable discussion hosted by Family Lawyer Magazine features Sharon Klein and three other seasoned attorneys who share the best advice each has ever given in the family law setting. These highly respected professionals discuss their top tips for those maneuvering through divorce. If you’d like to read the article associated with this video, please download it here.

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