Municipal Fixed Income Quarterly Market Commentary 2Q2021

Dan Scholl and Gerard Durr |
Investment Management
Municipal Fixed Income

In the 2Q 2021 issue of our quarterly publication, we:Discuss the how the federal stimulus and vaccination rates have pushed credit spreads tighterDetail the impact the infrastructure plan would have on the economyNote what is likely needed to see the plan move forwardThe first half of 2021 continued to produce strong cash flows and positive returns for the municipal market.


Strong Labor Market Could Bring Fed Hikes Earlier

Luke Tilley and Rhea Thomas |
Wilmington Wire
Panoramic image of the Federal Reserve Building in downtown Washington DC, USA.

August 9, 2021—Last week’s jobs report was strong for the second month in a row and immediately prompted questions about how it may affect the Federal Reserve’s dovish posture. With 1.9 million combined jobs added in June and July, gross domestic product (GDP) surpassing the pre-pandemic peak in 2Q 2021, and inflation at the highest in decades, it’s natural to think the Fed would normalize policy soon.


Episode 37: 5G—Mixed Signals

Tony Roth |
Capital Considerations with Tony Roth

July 21—The rise of 5G—all the rage in commercials and conversations—ranges from internet infrastructure safety and the increased use of smart cars to the cost of the next iPhone. But when we take a step back from the chatter, exactly what changes are we eagerly awaiting? Muriel Médard, an information theorist and electrical engineer, and the Cecil H.