Hedged Equity Strategies-A Defensive Approach for Prudent Investors

Julian Freeman, CFA |
Wilmington Wire

June 11, 2020—Often times the best defense is a good offense. As we endure this period of heightened volatility and continue to monitor and evaluate emerging data that can provide clarity into the full impact of the COVID-19 crisis, it is essential for investors to understand how important it can be to stay invested. That is to say, how important it can be that investors continue to play offense, even if they do so through a more defensive approach.


Episode 8: The COVID-19 Stock Market—Suspending Belief

Tony Roth and Meghan Shue |
Capital Considerations with Tony Roth
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April 28—Chief Investment Officer Tony Roth is joined by Credit Suisse Managing Director and Chief U.S. Equity Strategist Jonathan Golub, and Wilmington Trust’s Head of Investment Strategy Meghan Shue, to discuss how the U.S.’ response to COVID-19 has impacted equity market valuation and stability, how the markets may fare in a less globalized society, and what sectors to consider, despite this contracting environment.Jonathan Golub, Managing Director, Chief U.S.


Using REITs to Build Returns

Jordan Strauss, CFA and |
Wilmington Wire
Real estate investment trusts REITs. Shopping cart and model of house.

April 2, 2020—As markets continue to fluctuate, it looks as if no asset classes have been spared the COVID-19-driven price hit. Real estate investment trusts (REITs) have struggled along with the broader equity market, despite having outperformed during past periods of stress, including the market drawdown in 4Q 2018.REITs own, and frequently operate, income-generating real estate.