Matter of Cleopatra Cameron Irrevocable Gift Trust: A Closer Look

Richard W. Nenno |
Wealth Planning

This article reprint was published in the November 2020 issue of the BNA Tax Management Estates, Gifts and Trusts Journal and provides an overview of the Cameron Trust Case, which clarifies the creditor protection that is available through third-party and self-settled trusts.Please see important disclosures at the end of the article.


Managing the Tax Basis of the Assets in Your Trust Can Reduce Income Taxes

Thomas Kelley, CPA, CFP®, AEP® |
Emerald GEMs

November 3, 2020, GEM 25 — A common mistake some people make is once they create a trust, they forget about it. They don’t see that ongoing evaluation of the trust and its tax basis can potentially yield income tax benefits down the road. Director of Income Tax Planning Tom Kelley discusses how you can potentially reduce your income tax liability by proactively managing the assets in your family’s trusts.