India’s “Modi” Operandi

Anthony Silva |
Wilmington Wire

April 5, 2019 – Indian general elections are scheduled to begin on April 11, lasting through May 19. These elections have the potential to be largely consequential not just for India, but also for the performance of emerging markets equities at large. Over the previous five years, Indian equities have outperformed the MSCI Emerging Markets Index due in part to the current pro-business administration.


Videos: Cross Border Planning Considerations for the International Client

Brian Oard and Alvina H. Lo |
Wealth Planning

There are a number of unique planning issues facing international clients with assets and advisor(s) stationed abroad. Wilmington Trust’s Alvina Lo and Brian Oard joined industry thought leaders at the 2018 Hawaii Tax Institute Conference to discuss how global clients can navigate the various rules and regulations associated with cross border planning.

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Expect Stocks in China to Prosper in the Year of the Pig

Clement K. Miller, CFA |
Wilmington Wire
14094 Lunare New year 1200x600.jpg

February 8, 2019— This week, China enters the Year of the Pig, which in the Chinese calendar is supposed to bring prosperity and wealth. Therefore, it’s worth contemplating the prospect for share price increases for the stocks comprising the MSCI China Index.   One key measure of the attractiveness of Chinese stocks is the current discount of MSCI China Index to the aggregated analyst’s price target for the index.