Fed Cuts Rates and Addresses a Scare in the Repo Market

Luke Tilley |
Wilmington Wire

September 20, 2019 — The Federal Reserve cut interest rates by 25 basis points (0.25%) on Wednesday for the second time this year. The move was very much expected by the market and therefore did not have much of an impact that day. The newly released projections by committee members showed that some think it would be best to reduce rates again this year, while others think it more appropriate to hold at this new level going forward.


Slippery slope: oil prices, production shocks, and energy stocks

Meghan Shue |
Wilmington Wire
Engineer using a tablet at a construction site.

September 17, 2019—This past weekend, we witnessed unprecedented developments in the oil market and are sharing our thoughts on the key questions that investors should be asking.

What is happening in the Gulf?

The Abqiaq oil-processing plant in eastern Saudi Arabia was hit by a series of drone strikes this past Saturday, disrupting 5.7 million barrels of crude oil production per day for the Kingdom.


UK PM Jeremy Corbyn? Uncertainty Over the Outcome of Brexit

Clement K. Miller |
Wilmington Wire

September 6, 2019 – Only weeks after Boris Johnson replaced Theresa May as Conservative leader and Prime Minister, he has suffered a humiliating setback regarding both his Brexit strategy–leaving the EU “deal or no-deal”–and his ambitions to strengthen his power as Prime Minister through victory in a new general election. We believe that new general elections will take place after the current Brexit deadline of October 31 is extended through January 31.