Brexit Negotiations Continue to Stumble

Meghan Shue |
Wilmington Wire

October 16, 2017— On Thursday, the European Union (EU) and UK concluded their fifth round of Brexit negotiations. At this point—sixteen months since the Brexit referendum vote—six months since the invocation of Article 50 (to formally start the two-year clock for Brexit negotiations)—and several rounds deep into negotiations—one would think the two sides would have made more progress on key issues.


Constructing a More Dynamic Stock Portfolio with Economic Sector Allocation

Asset Management
Economic Indicators NC.jpg

In this Investment Insight we explore:Why allocating among different sizes and styles of stocks in a portfolio often does not result in the kinds of uncorrelated returns it historically did.How allocating among economic sectors when building a stock portfolio may be more beneficial than traditional methods of allocation.The way in which allocating among economic sectors captures the sensitivity of stocks to the fluid, various, and unpredictable economic forces that drive those stocks.


The Importance of Rebalancing your 401(k)

Investment Management

The best way to keep your 401(k) account on track is to make sure your contributions are invested according to your asset allocation target.Rebalancing is an important investment management tool available to 401(k) plan participants to help ensure that they have enough retirement assets.When you rebalance periodically you should only have to make modest adjustments.Although the primary objective of rebalancing is risk control, it does not have to mean a significant reduction in return.