Portfolio Rebalancing: A Powerful Tool in Volatile Markets

Tom Pierce, CFA® |
Wilmington Wire
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March 20, 2020—Asset allocation is about balancing risk and reward. A disciplined investment approach encourages investors to trim asset classes that have outperformed the rest of the portfolio over some period and increase the allocation to asset classes that suffer temporary underperformance, a strategy known as portfolio rebalancing. This process serves two important purposes for investors. First, it can increase potential future returns by “buying low” (i.e.


7 Ways to Make Tax Time Less Taxing

Wilmington Trust |
Wealth Planning
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A roundup of advice for taxpayers, investors, and philanthropists during tax season. Enhance portfolio diversification by pooling concentrated holdings and cut capital gains when you sell stocks.Reduce state income taxes, which can be considerable in certain states.Make charitable gifts in the most tax-savvy fashion.Tax time. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” said no one ever. But we’re here to help you try and help your clients reduce their tax tab.


U.S. Contraction Likely, but Don’t Panic

Meghan Shue |
Wilmington Wire
Coronavirus economic impact

March 10, 2020—The stock market and economic outlooks are changing rapidly. Over the past few days we have witnessed several developments that led us to downgrade our outlook for the economy and markets and moved a 2020 recession into our base case. However, with hysteria evident everywhere from the floor of the NY Stock Exchange to the toilet paper aisle of Costco, we would encourage clients not to panic.