Episode 40: COVID and Another Season of Our Discontent

Tony Roth |
Capital Considerations with Tony Roth

September 8—B.C.—before COVID—children bemoaned the end of summer while parents waited with bated breath for a return to school, work and well, the normal routine of life. That was then. Today, the Delta variant has pushed up case rates, while vaccination rates in certain states remain anemic.


Planning for Fine Art as an Asset of Your Estate

Shelly J. Kunkel |
Emerald GEMs

Sept. 7, 2021—Whether you acquire a work of art for its aesthetic qualities or for investment purposes, holding fine art in your estate presents both obligations and opportunities for the educated collector. In today’s podcast, Senior Estate and Trust Managing Director Shelly Kunkel of Wilmington Trust’s Emerald Family Office & Advisory discusses three important to-dos regarding your fine art: appraise, insure, and manage disposition (AIM).