Estate Planning and Your Business: Prepping the Princess for the Party

Alvina H. Lo |
My Business
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Chief Wealth Strategist Alvina Lo shares her insights in a conversation with the Trusted Counsel on the intricacies of selling a business in this August 2019 transcript. She shares how many entrepreneurs and business leaders tend to put off thinking about selling their businesses, and what will happen to their assets without them, until it’s too late. The results of not planning are often felt by families as well as business partners.


No Other State Matches the Delaware Advantage in Trust Law

Jeffrey C. Wolken |
Wealth Planning
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This article reprint was published in the November 11, 2019 issue of Delaware Business Times. Delaware is known as a premier jurisdiction for personal trusts. The state is at the forefront of trust law innovations and the infrastructure supporting Delaware’s trust industry is unmatched, with distinguished courts, a proactive legislature, a deep pool of professional advisers and the presence of almost every major financial institution.


What Family Law Practitioners Must Know About the New Tax Laws

Sharon L. Klein |
Wealth Planning
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This article was published in the September 4, 2019 issue of The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created significant ramifications in the divorce context, particularly on the income tax front. This article discusses seven areas impacted by the current tax laws–including taxation of trust income and other important considerations.