Top Ten Reasons to have your Trust Administered in Delaware

Wealth Planning

Delaware enjoys international renown for its trust and tax law advantages and its innovative estate planning vehicles.  Delaware has a well thought-out body of trust laws; a supportive legislature, executive branch, and legal and banking community; and many institutions that compete for trust business.Benefits of having a trust in Delaware include tax advantages, creditor protection, flexible distribution rules, and others.


Business Succession Planning through a GRAT

Andrew J. Horwitz, CFP® |
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If you own a business that you wish to pass on to your heirs, a Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT) can offer tax savings and other advantages.A GRAT is a popular method of transferring property tax -efficiently, such as stock in a closely held business, to a trust in exchange for an annual payment (or annuity) for a term of years.GRATs allow a business owner to maintain control of the business, while passing along appreciation to the beneficiaries in the form of closely held stock.