Income Tax and Financial Planning Considerations in Mortgage Financing

Matthew C. King, CFP® |
Emerald GEMs

April 6, 2021—Before you decide how much to borrow for your home purchase, consider the role a mortgage can play in your overall wealth plan. With strategic mortgage financing, you could potentially enjoy certain tax benefits or perhaps leverage investment opportunities that you may otherwise miss.


Minimizing State Income Tax Using Trusts

Jeffrey C. Wolken |
Emerald GEMs

February 9, 2021—Many people are familiar with personal trusts because they are common estate planning vehicles. However, a lesser known fact is personal trusts may also be used to minimize state income tax liabilities. By holding your wealth inside a trust, you may limit the ability of your home state to tax the trust’s income. In today’s podcast, National Director of Delaware Trust Planning, Jeff Wolken, discusses the steps you can take to mitigate state income tax.


What Does Gifting Under the Biden Administration Mean for Your Wealth Plan?

Alvina H. Lo |
Wealth Planning

The Biden administration’s impact on tax legislation is still uncertain. With the potential for a considerably reduced federal gift tax exemption, now may be a good time to make significant gifts. Barring any intervening legislation, the current exemption amount is slated to sunset on December 31, 2025 ( Therefore, it may be more important than ever to revisit your planning especially since tax legislation has the potential of being retroactive.