Year-End Estate and Tax Planning: More Important than Ever in 2020

Lisa Ligas |
Wealth Planning

With an election looming and the potential for change, be sure you’re well positioned to optimize your plan today and for the year ahead.Year end is always a good time to review and adjust your estate and tax planning strategies.It’s important to note that the strategies you consider may have different implications and timelines depending on the results of the November election.


Tax Planning Considerations in an Election Year

Thomas Kelley, CPA, CFP®, AEP® |
Emerald GEMs

September 29, 2020, GEM 22—With this being an election year, three potential tax scenarios could affect your year-end planning efforts. First, consider the tax laws that President Trump instituted in 2017 under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, then look at the older tax provisions that are still in effect, and finally consider how your planning might be affected by the tax proposals put forth by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.