How to Potentially Avoid Probate

Kerry Reeves |
Emerald GEMs

September 13, 2022—Most people prefer to avoid probate because it could be a lengthy court process of transferring a decedent’s estate to his or her beneficiaries. Not only does the process have the potential to take a very long time, it may also be expensive. And once your will is deposited in probate court, your private affairs may become a matter of public record.


Planning for the Family Vacation Home

Matthew T. Lee |
Emerald GEMs

May 10, 2022—Many parents want to keep their cherished vacation home in the family for future generations but are not sure of the most appropriate method for transferring the property. In this podcast, Director of Wealth Strategies Matthew Lee of Wilmington Trust’s Emerald Family Office & Advisory discusses how holding property in a limited liability company (LLC) may accomplish several goals at once.


The Post-Mortem Right of Publicity: Defining it, Valuing it, Defending it, and Planning for it

Jenna M. Cohn and Sharon L. Klein |
Wealth Planning

This article reprint appeared in the January 2022 issue of Estate Planning magazine. What is the value of a celebrity’s name and image at death? Since name and image is likely an asset that’s includible in an individual’s estate, swings in its value could have dramatic estate tax consequences. Specifically, the post-mortem right of publicity (ROP) allows an executor or heir to exploit a deceased individual’s persona.