Episode 26: Capital Markets Forecast 2021
ESG investing strategies—Are they right for your portfolio?

Tony Roth and Steve Norcini |
Wilmington WealthWise with Tony Roth

December 14—Chief Investment Officer Tony Roth and Harvard Law Professor Robert Sitkoff discuss ESG (environmental, social, governance) investing principles and how trustees may—or must—incorporate them into portfolios. Then, Portfolio Manager Steven Norcini weighs in on our ESG strategy.Robert Sitkoff, John L. Gray Professor of Law at Harvard University Please listen to important disclosures at the end of the podcast.


10 Tax-Savvy Steps to Consider Taking Before New Year’s Eve

Wealth Planning

Best not to wait until the last minute, so we’ve made a list and checked it twice. Each step may bring you closer to preserving or enhancing your assets, leaving you more to enjoy or share with those who matter most, but decisions are best made with guidance of your tax professional and Wilmington Trust advisor.


Year-End Estate and Tax Planning: More Important than Ever in 2020

Lisa Ligas |
Wealth Planning

With an election looming and the potential for change, be sure you’re well positioned to optimize your plan today and for the year ahead.Year end is always a good time to review and adjust your estate and tax planning strategies.It’s important to note that the strategies you consider may have different implications and timelines depending on the results of the November election.