Implement tax-advantaged trust strategies under today’s tax laws.

  • Tax reform passed in 2017 created major changes and opportunities for high-net-worth taxpayers, particularly those who are real estate developers.
  • Planning for the ultimate continuation or sale of your business is as important as growing your business.
  • From a strategic planning perspective, real estate developers may want to consider targeted trust strategies.
As a real estate developer, you may be in a favorable income tax position because of the nature of your business and the assets you employ in that business. Assets such as depreciable buildings, depreciable construction machinery and equipment, as well as other business assets, may provide income tax deductions that effectively shelter much of your income. These income tax benefits may be realized by you as a sole proprietor of your development business or as owner of various pass-through entities, such as partnerships or limited liability companies that hold your real estate development assets.


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