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Ten Tax Considerations in Divorce

Rachael Leberstien, CPA |
Wealth Planning

Tax issues clients and their advisors should discuss before a divorce is finalized.Taxes may not be the top priority of your clients when you are helping them through a divorce.There are many decisions made in a divorce that can impact your clients’ tax situations for a long time.These decisions can be costly and if you are not aware of the tax implications, then any additional tax costs may not be accounted for in the divorce settlement.


Creating a Family Motto for 2021

Jerry Inglet, Ed.D |
Emerald GEMs

December 22, 2020, GEM 29 — Over this past year, many families have grappled with topics from the pandemic to politics, perhaps disrupting family harmony. With the uneasiness that 2020 presented, has your family defined a concise purpose for the new year that drives goals? In today’s podcast, Family Legacy Advisor Jerry Inglet discusses both the importance of establishing your family’s purpose for 2021 and how to supplement it with the development and use of a family motto.