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Pride Sans Prejudice: A Conversation with M&T Bank Vice Chairman Kevin Pearson

Investment Management

As June is Pride month—which commemorates the long struggle for civil rights and equal justice for LGBTQ individuals—it’s an ideal time to look at this community in M&T and Wilmington Trust, as well as the clients and the neighborhoods we support. To take us through the way M&T Bank is focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, we recently spoke with Vice Chairman Kevin Pearson.  Please see important disclosures at the end of the article.


Estate Planning for the Modern Family: Why Trusts Still Matter

Sharon L. Klein |
Wealth Planning
Multi racial step family preparing for barbecued lunch in garden, bonding, togetherness, food and drink

For nontraditional families, planning remains more important than ever.Planning for same-sex marriage and strategies for “nontraditional” and blended families are explored.Advances in reproductive technology are creating once unimaginable questions regarding inheritance rights and have given rise to a new area of law: posthumous birth laws.


Using a Letter of Intent to Convey Important Information When Your Family Needs it the Most

Andrew J. Horwitz, CFP® |
Emerald GEMs

June 1, 2021—A letter of intent, sometimes called a statement of guidance, is an easy and informal way to share important information about your estate plan. It allows you to convey, in your own words, your hopes and wishes for your beneficiaries, the reasons why you created the plan you have, and how you would like to see the plan administered to accomplish your goals.