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Lessons Learned: Avoiding Costly Mistakes in Wealth Management

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Don’t let conventional wisdom damage your unconventional wealth.  Conventional advice may be harmful if you’ve accumulated significant wealth.Avoiding critical mistakes in wealth management, advisor selection, asset allocation, and family communication is key.Working with a trusted advisor in a collaborative wealth management environment is crucial.“Subtract your age from 100 to get your target stock allocation.


Benefits of a Blind Trust for Executive Diversification

Ronald Logue, CPA, CTFA |
Wealth Planning

Corporate executives and insiders who own millions of shares in their companies can achieve diversification within regulatory guidelines.A blind trust enables an insider to give a trustee the sole responsibility to decide on the timing of sales of company stock, without participation by, or knowledge of, the insider.It allows insiders to achieve investment diversification and reduce risk without running afoul of securities regulations.


Changing Jobs? Options for Your 401(k) Plan

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Make the smartest decisions for your retirement plan as your career evolves.Employees who leave their companies have several options when it comes to their 401(k) plans, and each option has advantages and disadvantages.Options include keeping your existing plan where it is and starting a separate one at your new company, rolling it over to an IRA, or transferring it to your new company’s plan.